Broadcasting Tower – UK

Location: Leeds, UK

Products: Fusion 24 & 48, Blade

At 70m high, Broadcasting Tower dominates the Leeds skyline by day, thanks not only to its distinctive, weathered steel cor-ten exterior but also due to the building’s strong cubic spirals and bold angles. Yet by night, this simply stunning structure is unlit and thus, virtually invisible.

This naturally provided us with a perfect blank canvas for our Fusion demonstrations, so having approached the building’s owners, British-based property investment specialists – Downing – who kindly granted us access; our Design Director and former lighting
designer, Dan Hodgson, created the series of stunning lighting schemes you see here.

Using a mixture of Fusion 24’s and 48’s the sharp overhanging angles of Broadcasting Tower have been perfectly picked out using a variety of dynamic whites to accentuate the buildings twists and turns, whilst burnt orange shades and purple hues add a previously
unimaginable depth and richness of colour to the bold structure.

Thanks to hybrid hydradrive technology, Fusion efficiently and smoothly dims down to zero without flickering to cast a wave of warm white upon the tower as it gently washes up the buildings’ façade.


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